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  • Result of Bussiness 2003

    May - eveloped a scarf as promotion item for the Im Kkeok-jeong clean pepper of Gwaesan produce.
    - Submitted a character to the exhibition of and accepted by the Chungju International Martial Art Festival.
    - Submitted a badge design for the Eumseong Pumba Fastival (May 2003)
    June - planned a miniature Gayageum (70cm x 10cm) for VIP for the Chungju Ureukdang Hall.
    - Serialized "Fashion suggested by Ji Kyung-Ae" on the Chungju Daily.
    July - Planned a jewelery box inlaid with mother-of-pearl for VIP.
    August - Planned the public relations items (an aromatic, a handkerchief) for Gyeongbok Mungyeong University.
    - Developed a design of apple image for the kiosk standing on the intersections in Chungju city.
    - Donated the "Im Kkeok-jeong" garbage cans for he Clean Pepper Festival of Gwaesan.
    September - Fabricated a model bench of the "Pepper Bench" for the promotion of the clean red pepper of Gwaesan produce.
    - Planned "the flower bloom on the thimble" of the Chungju Museum centering on the collection of Lee Yeong-sun.
    - Planned "Lee Yeong-hwi Fashion Show" as a performance event of the 6th International Matial Art Festival.
    October - lanned a necktie designs for VIP for the 6th international Martial Art Festival.
    - Planned a memorial plate for the Chungju Ureuk Cultural Festival.
    - Manufactured a memorial plate for the Chungju Ureuk Cultural Festival..
    - Designed the bulletin board for Sulim Company Ltd.
    - Designed the industrial waste can for Gyeongdong Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
    - Acquired the title of artisan for designing the "apple" image accessory for the Cungcheongbuk-do Invalid Welfare Hall
    November - Developed the public informations item (loop for hand-phone) for the VIP of the Eumseong seolseong Cultural Festival.
    - Developed the public relations item (loop for hand-phone) for the VIP of the Clean pepper of Gwaesan produce.
    - Designed "Apple image bench" for the Chungju Apple Science Hall.
    - Developed an apple perfumer bearing "folk art image" for the Chungju Apple Science Hall.
    December - Developed brand for the garlic of Danyang produce (necktie, mug cup, gray ish-blue-powdered celadon cup, shopping bag, CI waste can)
    - Planned a golf umbrella for commemorating the 23rd anniversary for the Chungju KBS station.
    - Planned a necktie for commemorating the ground breaking of the ECO-Techno Park of Chungju Univercity.

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